Daydream Xi - Ticket 000011 Şarkı Sözleri

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Daydream Xi - Ticket 000011 Şarkı Sözleri

— No, it's not a place for them to fulfill their dreams.

— But you said...

— Yes! It's what we told them... so that they could trust us.

— But isn't that a bit cruel? Won't that just bring sadness and disappointment?

— Perhaps... but they're all just lost, blown by the wind. And they will keep chasing their tails like fools, after all. And with a few words we can get them back, I'm sure.

— But what about the crying and the pain?

— Pain will lead them to growth, eventually. And if it all goes wrong... we can always offer them pleasure instead of pain, right?

— You mean... sex?

— Yes! That's exactly what I mean. Sooner of later... they will give their souls away, anyway.

— I don't know... I'm scared. I fear that this goes too far. I don't know if we can keep faking this much for so long.

— Just bear in mind that love is all they are asking for. Even if it comes with the price of a cheap ticket and a couple of hours filled with hollow scenery. And they will always try to reach, try to feel that little spark of life in them, when nothing seems to quench their thirst. All we have to do... is to give our best, for the show's about to begin.

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