Aspherium - The Revelator Şarkı Sözleri

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Aspherium - The Revelator Şarkı Sözleri

Deformed by eons of despair
Enslaved by the great unknown
Who ignited the flame of our end?
The revelation of humanity

Crawling through the desolation
Instant apparent annihilation
Suffer through ages of conflagration
Look towards the sky
Bleed out the fury. bleed out the hate
Bleed out the knowledge of our fate
Lost in serenity. blinded by hope
Trapped in a dream

See through the darkness
A single somber spark
A pure drop of hope

Seize this darkened day
And journey to the sacred skies
Seasons of decay

Escaping to a higher state of mind

Into the eye of nothingness
Apart the impossible

Open up your mind and evolve
The fall of your sovereign conciousness

Layers of lies and distrust
Entwined by webs in this contingency
This is how the world ends
Absolve me of my sins
Repentance and redemption

Imprisoned by memories of our own undoing
Beaten down by the hammer of eons
Answer to the spirit of silence
Rising up towards the enhancement
We re cast down. betrayed and rejected

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