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Scorching lands, enslaved empires
Darkened skies, hidden lies
I know the truth, I see it all

Images floating towards my eyes
Hands of a new world
My testament
A sudden call to arms

The blackest crimes
A sea of terror rising
The greatest purge

A thousand times
Your words were haunting
A million souls

An Eden full of grace
A warm and peaceful home
Angels guarding this forged heaven

Covered in blood
Swallowed by swarms of flesh

Gathered around
A celebration of your fall, a slip knot made of woe
See us through bloodshot eyes
Hell blessed this war
Welcome, this is your demise

Your burning skin
Your hopes, visions of the end
Your propaganda
Injected through

Our seething veins
You lord of plagues
We were your audience
This morbid theater ends now

Manipulating an army of pawns
Pleasure for the shepherd
Strain for his sheep

A puppeteer, controlling our lives
His existence of filth
Marks upon ourselves

Betrayal and lost control
A nuclear dream feeding sick minds
Let the war begin

See us through shards of glass
Vermilion storms are coming
This is your demise

Now I know

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