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I am so fucking sick of your face

So tired of this place

It's the same thing everyday

An endless cycle of deceit and sin
Going on and on and on and fucking on

If only you could drown yourself

In an ocean of your own self pity
You fucking disgust me
You pathetic piece of shit

Tie a rope

Around your fucking neck

If the fall doesn't shatter your spine

Cleanse yourself as you sink to the depths

Surrounded by memories of those you left
Waves crash over you
Scorned and broken as your life slips away
Suffer in hell because of those you betrayed

Suffer in hell
All I feel is hate

I rid you of this world

I'd rather stand on my own and fucking fall

Than stand with a two faced agent of Fraus

All for none for nothing at all

Others see a queen but I see a whore

Smothered by bullshit

I can't take any more
Your existence was conceived from remnants of filth

And I can't fucking take it

Kill yourself

Kill yourself

Retreat to the underworld

Suffer in hell

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