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We were setting sail on a perfect day,
We heaved the anchor and we sailed away
Into a world of no perdition,
With future dreams we could not fail
We sailed on through a paradise,
The sea was warm and the air was nice
But after a while the sea got colder,
And suddenly the storm began to howl

Our world turned over, we were flushed away,
From our paradise, in separate ways
You found your boat and you sailed on south,
And me, I was stranded on a lonely isle
I laid on down the wounded ground,
I watched upon a complicated sky
And as I lay there stranded on the shore,

The darkness fell and the world began to shout

I fell asleep and I woke up in a dream,
This wicked world is not always what it seems
I was crazy and I know that you were too,
To sail the dark may not be the right thing to do
The untamed water was too hard to comprehend,
I lost my track and sailed into the storm again
But in the whirlwind there are things that I have learned,
Always remember to row in your own way

The ocean is vast and you're easily lost,
Its hard to keep track and to make it across
I rode out the storm and the shakes of bad weather
And in the silk sheets of time, the sun began to shine

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