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Let there be cold, doom and dark!
The ground's barren, the trees are stark
Let there be blizzard an' mist!
Wake up, carnivorous beast!

Consume the needless, tear the weak
Run more quickly, prowl an' seek
I strike my staff upon the ground,
Nothing living shall be found

My fierce white hounds, with eyes of red
Howl through the night, a paean to the dead
Astromancy let me know
That tonight someone will be reborn

O, wind that rages all night long,
Wrap the maid and sing her a song
Oh, my Great Sloe! Lull the forlorn
By your mortiferous thorn!

Open your chest towards me
An' venesect your veins, for art
Will live in thee

You're what must winter

Permafrost will kiss your aching scores,
Thou will sense tenebrose force

You're what must winter

Her solitude is a sign
Of powers beyond a lifetime
These tears never will dry
But inspire you to try

Neomenia! Somber hecatomb!
Make a shelter in my gloom
Take this thorn into your heart,
Sleep, while it grows your part

The spine inside me,
It leads me away
But keeps me for a following day

You're what must winter,
Lustrate at this night

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