Ball Greezy - My Tears Şarkı Sözleri

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Ball Greezy - My Tears Şarkı Sözleri

I been that nigga, nigga these my tears

I just wanna smoke good weed (yeah), and fuck bad bitches
Feed my fam (yeah) and raise my children, put some cheese to the side for they college tuition, move my mamas out the gardens
Some where more realistic
Lets take em back to 98 when them real niggas ate
When that 17-5 really got you a cake
When you put it on that scale and got, that thousand and eight
When you took it out the wrapper all you seen was flakes
And I ain't talking bout no speakers really sold that bass
We use to cut em so big you shoulda seen they face
My 9 to 5 everyday was selling cocaine
Dodging, ducking these crackers out hea stacking my change
All the robbers was my niggas and I kept that thang, jumped out
Showed them my shit let them know ian playing, see I been had hoes
Stay clean nigga I been had a dro
Been wearing watches, I been had chunks
All the cars, clothes, and hoes don't excite me nigga
Putting on for my city like indict me nigga
The streets know what I'm talkin bout
Bussin them checks seeing them commas, my nigga dodo had millions
Of dollars, but when you coming from nothing and you wake up rich
The hardest thing for you to do is be on some lowkey shit, I know
The goals was to get in and flip
Real quick, and let the money make the
Money and that was suppose to be it
Until them slimy niggas and slimy hoes
Joined the party put a end in the road
Do you know what its like to hear them feds in town
And they just grabbed yo nigga and you know he was round
From the beginning and you stall if he open his mouth
If he got a bond
But them crackers screaming put up a house, what you do then?
Say fuck it find some new friends, instead of getting him a lawyer

Put ya bitch up in a new benz, I ride by my lonely, just me and my 40
Or one of my homies I can call when
Them crackers be on me, a lot of these
Hoes they keep it realer than niggas
If you ask me ball rather kick it with bitches
Take a look at your circle, would you wanna be them? if not
Them ain't the niggas that you need to be with
Get of yo ass if you tryna be rich
And watch the dollar make sense, but when you hanging with shit
Nigga that's all you get
I'm just being honest, 1k I promise, from the streets
To the courtroom ball greezy solid
When they shot up my rental I ain't press no charges
Jump in the lex that same night went to work with no problem
I give thanks to the father, had a drink with my partna
All the shooting did was show me how to move a lil
Smarter, keep my distance from you fuck niggas and go a lil harder
And don't trust none of these hoes and keep my dick in a condom
How the fuck you gone win when you to scared to be different, but not
Knowing just being different just a part of your mission
But after all I'm just a god fearing man
Ain't shit sweet its just apart of his plan, so fuck stressing
I just leave the shit in his hands
And that's something niggas don't understand
But who am I to judge when my shit fucked up
And how the fuck am I gone stack when I can't stay out the club
And its hard to think straight when your brain on drugs, and a broke
Niggas favorite line " he need him a plug" but if he found him a plug
He gone fuck that up
Can't even keep his face clean in two inches of mud
But y'all just chill, I'm just keeping it real
I'm just speaking my mind from how I see shit is
Change gone come I been in it for years
And fuck putting on nigga these my tears, for real

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