Ball Greezy - Nice & Slow Şarkı Sözleri

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Ball Greezy - Nice & Slow Şarkı Sözleri

How you make it off the porch
In them lil' ass shorts
Stomach all flat
I like to play sports
Whatchu' drank in them jeans
Or the waist shapers
Or dr. miami
It don't know matter you can get it
See we can smoke a lil' something
We can drink if you like
You the baddest of the baddest
I done seen all night
Only right I make sure you good
Just relax a lil' bit baby this my hood
Shots after shot then we got closer
Last I remember we was standing on the sofa
Telling me she to drunk to drive back to boca
Grinding on to me like she dancing to soca

Nice & Slow
Nice & Slow
Nice & Slow
Beat it up

Out of all of these hoes
Nigga why you up in my face
Better grab you a bitch
Bend her over and make that hoe shake
Get it poppin' that shit
Drop it down to the ground to the bass

Put your hands in the air and sling that dick in her face
Get another drink
Smoke another blunt
Get up in your vibe
Cause' these hoes wanna fuck
This my number you can text me
You and your friends
Bussin on your bestie
Let me see you get it in

Nice & Slow
Nice & Slow
Nice & Slow
Beat It Up

You My Baby When I'm Witchu' Girl That's BaeDay
Every Time We Take A Trip That's A BaeCae
We Don't Never Pay Attention To The NaySay
Let Them Rumors Fade Away Like MJ
Keep Your Eyes On Me
Girl Don't Look Away
I Got That Magic Stick, I'll Take The Pain Away
Lil' Mama Booty Real Soft Call Her Anamay
Got The Youngin' Out Here Thinkin Bout Pancakes
And That Booty Real Big Like My Fan Base
Got Damn All That Ass In My Damn Face
And I Told Her She Can shake In a Nice pace
Maybe later we can take it back to my place
Do you right baby you can stay the night aye
Like the plumber you know ima lay that pipe aye
In a nice way just slow it down for me
And lil' mama say she wanna be my play boy bunny

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