Bawal Clan - Choppa Şarkı Sözleri

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Bawal Clan - Choppa Şarkı Sözleri

A nigga wit da strap
Shooter wit da pump
Big machete
Finna chop dem bodies up
A nigga went to school
Still aint eatin lunch
Trappin' outta school
And got my paper up
Lessons thru these moves
Learn to brighten up
Smarten up lil nigga
Level up
Life's rough
Squeeze a trigger for a buck
Empty cup
Henny fill my body up
Yung nigga get loose
Yo shawty get fucked
Nigga who are you
I don't give no fucks
Hitchu wit da pump
Gotchu lookin' chopped n screwed
Try me you get touched
I don't play no peek-a-boo
Freddy in yo sleep
Ain't no way to snooze
Ain't nowhere to run
Burnin' in da sun
Ain't no where to eat
Body hella numb
Chopper bring da heat
Time to unload a gun

Time to unload a gun
Time to unload a gun
Time to unload a gun
Time to unload a gun
Body hella numb

Ain't nowhere to run
Burnin' in da sun
Time to unload a gun

Now you see me coming choppa out the window
Now they running cuz the recognize that evil (Gang gang)
Finish em like sub-zero, i'm the anti-hero
Body hella numb i turn your wife into a widow
Yea i fucked your bitch, she gon' love me too
Rub me too, put her feelings on the ones and twos
I put a hit on you, you fucking with the red and blues
Leave no witness no evidence, no clues (No clues)
Sniper from a mile away, my hitters got them pro tools
They moguls, they find you wherever that you go to
Move so smooth, like ghost do, my shamans take your soul too
So best believe to keep my name off your vocals
We mental, we blood in and blood out. No Jokers
We gun in we gun out, stay focused (Stay focused)
You start shit, we bug out, thats bogus (Thats bogus)
So watch how you talk cuz we got that hocus-pocus (Choppa Pow!)

Better stay in line don't test me I suggest don't even try
Cross you up and break your ankles after you gon need a ride
Better get away I'm telling you that you should be alive
Disrespect me man I'm ready put two X's on your eyes
Load it, cock it, point it, pull it yeah we let it fly
This not a game my homie in this life it's do or die
Everything I know I learned it from the streets no suit and tie
Yeah we got that fire one hit of this could you stupid hiiiiigh ugh
Yeah you can't deny ugh got you hella fried ugh
Cooking with that fire ugh got that appetite ugh
Crew be getting live ugh kill it every time ugh
See you eye to eye ugh you know it's a vibe ugh
I be getting mine, yeah I been that guy
Poppa told me try cock a forty-five
Taught me how to aim taught me how to shoot
Now I'm with the gang we gon take the loot

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