Cage - Planet Crusher Şarkı Sözleri

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Cage - Planet Crusher Şarkı Sözleri

Our peaceful world
Was ripe for the taking
Forgotten were the ways of war
His Herald and Harbinger came from the heavens
Saying you will be no more
He had no expression
Showed no emotion
His skin it gleamed like a pearl
There is no escape from my master he said
For he is the devourer of worlds

Devourer of worlds
All of our forces combined
Were useless against his assault
He swatted us down with effortless care
Bringing our world to a halt
Since the beginning of time
He has revenged through systems
And fed on the hearts of the stars
In the fabric of space
Lies his path of destruction
Littered with sorrow and scarred
One by one world after world
Galaxies tremble in fear
Horrible screams in the vacuum of space
Cries that no one will fear

Planet Crusher feed to survive
Planet Crusher none left alive
Devastator death from the sky
Your creator has left you to die
Devourer of worlds
Master of time master of space
Ravage your world and wipe out your race
Master of speed master of death
Fall to your knees
And take your last breath

Nothing can harm him
Nothing can stop him
Save the deprivation of food
He has no allegiance
Shows no alignment
Is neither evil nor good
His ambivalent anger is ruled by thirst
He speeds through wormholes and time
So look to the sky and pray to your god
Your homeworld won't be next in line

Planet crusher devourer of worlds

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