Dark Horizon - The Oath Şarkı Sözleri

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Dark Horizon - The Oath Şarkı Sözleri

I'm your General, your Guide, your Father,
and you are so brave and fearless my little child.
I built a reign, I hope it'll last forever, so maybe
one day all of this will be yours.

Growing stronger day by day, you'll learn to fight
Believe in me son, your life will be a battle.

You'll start the end of Rome with anger, till the last roman die
They'll be merciless with you dear Hannibal.

There's a threat over all of us that scares our people

The Romans
a poisonous snake in the heart of Carthago
a wicked-stock that wants to obscure us.

The mind, the heart, the arm and sword become one thing
when freedom is all you need, all that you need.
Kill the Roman, set us free, and new world
Will rise for eternity, you have to promise to me.

I swear to you father, that over land and sea
I'll chase the Romans with fire and steel.
Ain't no highest mountains, ain't no gods of war
a red rain of sand, at night, will sign the end of Rome.

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