Dark Order - Condition: Red Şarkı Sözleri

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Dark Order - Condition: Red Şarkı Sözleri

With the war against Dominion-Cardassian alliance going
bad for the Federation, StarFleet Admiralty has resorted
to one last desperate mission to prevent the destruction
of the Federation...the retaking of Deep Space Nine.
Commanding the Second and Fifth Fleets, Captain Benjamin
Sisko leads six hundred Federation Starships into battle
...a battle from which they may never return. For lying
in the coldness of space awaits Twelve Hundred and fifty-
-four Dominion and Cardassian ships...

"To all ships, this is Captain Sisko, assume
attack formation Delta-Two. There's an old
saying 'May fortune favor the bold'...

At war with the conquering DOMINION,
To prevent them form taking the Alpha Quadrant,
Billions of lives already sacrificed,
To save a thousand-billion more,
Racing towards DEED SPACE NINE,
With a fleet of 600 ships strong,
We're out numbered 2 to 1,
Unto the breach once more!

Raise sheilds to maximum,
Load Quantum Torpedoe bay's,
Charge all main Phaser's,
Make ready for WAR!

All ships, tactical pattern Theta,

Full Impulse, fire at will,
Galaxy wings Nine-one and Nine-three
engage Galore Class Destroyers,
Punch a hole through enemy lines,
All other ships; run the Gauntlet,
With the U.S.S. DEFIANT at the head,
All Phasers, Torpedoes at full spread!

In the throws of chaotic battle, can all hope be lost?
Comm.. systems are down, our fleet is suffering,
Heavy losses on both sides...
People are fighting, and dying,

"Forward shields have failed,
Aft. shields down to 15%!"
"Evasive pattern omega, we're going to battle our way through!"

-Target Phasers...FIRE!-

'Seadeck' and 'Majestic' both lost-
800 lives killed in one second,
Alone the DEFIANT now fights,
As the dying went on exploding,
Then, roaring in out of nowhere,
The Klingon armada unleashed it's full fury,
Outflanking and crushing the enemy fleet,
200 Starships smash through! (Federation & Klingon)

Obliterate enemy lines,
Phasers, Torpedoes at full spread,
Destroy all at any cost,
For the salvation of the Alpha Quadrant,

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