Dark Quarterer - Devil Stroke Şarkı Sözleri

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Dark Quarterer - Devil Stroke Şarkı Sözleri

Come in devil come in come in
come into my body inside my soul
I'm feeling your sweet call
what do you desire ?
just a little of your fire
oh! but do you know that my price is so high?
At any price at any price you ask me
now and forever
I have decided to live with you
do you know you must forget your friends
your true love ? yes I know!
I know that power is all
I know that beauty is all
the rest is nothing for me, nothing for me
ok! I'm coming you will feel
devil stroke
Money for me
everything I want will be mine
it was well worth it, surely
this my flame
just a little flame is everything
for he who needs to possess
to feel his strength
I'm greatest give me a kiss
touch me girl
tell me: are you the same girl you were yesterday?
who's next? here I am!
who wants to love me must pay!
enough! please leave me alone
you're crazy! get out of my way

I've sold my mind to become a victim of myself
this is my price:
I feel a slave devil stroke
Now I am alone
all my friends
where have they gone
I find you in my nights
but I've lost you in my days
looking back I see
my mistakes, my wrong words
against you and myself
too late dear you are bound to me today and tomorrow
You are in my hands
I'm your leader, I'm your brain now
your whole life depend on me
there is no escape
what I decide for you is law
whenever I want
you can live
you can die! die! die!
I have the control of power
I'm the only truth
and if I say: right! it's right!
you must clap your hands
you move your empty smiling head
as I wish: up and down
and like a puppet you live as long as it suits me
this is the price you must pay
for a little flame to burn your life!
devil stroke

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