Darkmoon - Immaculate Bloodline Şarkı Sözleri

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Darkmoon - Immaculate Bloodline Şarkı Sözleri

Frozen seasons shift as I come of age
My body transforms elite
Elite eyes to pierce your soul
Ears to hear your fading heart
And teeth to tear your presence from the earth

I come before you as a wolf among sheep to feast
Rage and fury unbeknownst to humanity
I grasp the throat and rend this world to silence
Call out to the darkened sky, hail these gifts from lunar phase
Change my form and let this hunt begin
Power succumb to me - wolfen spirit might
Beware the howling wind for death shall reign this night

Charging through the snow, the winds flow through me
Insatiable hunger grows eternally
Fire raging in my soul
Burning ancient embers old
The elders warned them, prophecies foretold
Stalking death upon you all, so close I smell the fear
You were born only for my pleasure

Scent of voluptuous flesh beckons me to fulfill desire
As I sink these teeth into your heart

Immortal spirits guide me toward destiny within this realm
Chaos unleashed
Immaculate bloodline courses through savage veins
Submit your last breath as wolf and man unite

Countless victims
Draped in blood
Discarded empty shells
Forgotten souls cry out
Darkness is mine
A hunter in the night to prey upon young and old
No one can escape the wrath that now unfolds
Slaughtering of weakness
Conviction of the meek, my standard ascends the throne
Chosen path now followed hard to rule with tooth and nail
Ripping mortals endlessly, bloodlust shall prevail
Scattered remnants of ashen bone, a world I now dictate
His so - called garden of Eden now laid to waste

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