Darzamat - Pain Collector Şarkı Sözleri

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Darzamat - Pain Collector Şarkı Sözleri

Diary entry:
It was around midnight and I had to be very careful because of vast darkness. A few hours passed. A heap of soil was growing next to the hole I was digging. The hole was getting bigger and bigger. He was trying to locate the spot on the map. Layers of brown sand were slowly turning yellow. Suddenly he heard a metallic clank. He struck with his shovel once more - the clanking sound reverberated again. Then he swept the remaining soil aside and found a metal hatch. He broke the padlock with the blade of his spade.

Diary entry:
Like in a dream, I went down an old rotten ladder and into a manhole. It was some sort of a tunnel that led to this exit. My legs were carrying me on. After a little while I could smell a faint scent that was getting more and more intense. O shone the torch into the opposite corner and saw a man whose body was aching with terrible convulsions. He looked at me imploringly. His body was swollen as if he had been drowned...>

Followed by a nauseating metallic stench
Of wounds and death
Stigmatized with the rust of clotted blood
Filled with the strength of his arrogance and hate
He destroys everything
Possessed with rage
Overwhelmed by wrath
He burns all words
All memories
Here comes real impurity
Cursing you and the world

The pain collector
He gained the gift of suffering
The pain collector
Those bloodshot eyes stare in the dark
The pain collector
Asking after the sinister omen
The pain collector
Filled with painful stigmas of death

Tears flow all night long
The sombre mourners carry a soulless flame
The corridors vibrate with a sinister melody
Reverberating with a sepulchral echo
Broken heart intoxicated with agony
Pierced with a black lightening
The sobbing of ominous songs
Accompanied by a cold bell tolling

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