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Darzamat - Vote For Heresy Şarkı Sözleri

A chronicle entry by Nicolaus Liebental (1367)
In was September 1367. In the morning, both the priest and the curate from the parish of St. Mary's were still in good health. The priest celebrated a solemn mass and delivered a sermon in which he requested payment of the tithe imposed by the pope. Mines were running out of lead and silver, the city was in the grip of poverty and famine. At night the citizens locked the priests in the tower and the court passed a death sentence to both of them. They were taken to the lake and thrown into the water. They were floating on a surface for a while, so their heads were split open with axes. Blood was shed. The bishop of Cracow imposed an interdict and anathema on the city. Pope Urban V sustained the interdict and the curse. All public worship was suspended and the sacraments were withdrawn for two years. Merchants avoided the city. Eventually the interdict was lifted, but the anathema was not. In fact, it has never been lifted by any pope...>

The world is turning to ashes when faith triumphs
The faith of those convinced they believe in nothing
You conceal your dark soul and your filthy thoughts
That spectre of naivety that burns in your eyes
Tears the fabric of noble ideas
Overwhelmed by gloom you head towards the nameless void
Your doom dwelling in this deserted city
Has become its dungeon

The age of magic when you struggle with the waves of darkness

Enfolds you with a haze of sin
The moaning of the condemned reverberates within you
You abandon those silver shrines
They want to shroud your mind with the veil of their black wings
In the grip of death you renounced your god
And arose as a heretic
That is how infinity awakens

I've ceased to believe in false miracles
Vote for heresy
In flames I'm descending into the shades of death
Vote for heresy
I'm spreading the wings of my wicked plan
Vote for heresy
Hidden from the human sight in a cloud of black mist

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