Bawal Clan - Ghost Emoji Şarkı Sözleri

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Bawal Clan - Ghost Emoji Şarkı Sözleri

Aye ! aye!
Aye! ayyyyyeee!
We dont give a fuck bout whatchu think
Biiiiiitch !

Heard you want dat smoke
Got dat smoke, make u choke. oh
Get da fuck outta my door
Yous a hoe, say no mo' oh !
Sad as shit smokin at home
Bangin my song, cleanin my chrome oh
Remixin my load
Keep stackin dat dough
Blow out good indo
Keep my shit in code
Yung nigga so cold
Fuck nigga get folded
I want dem franklins in abundance when i pull up at shows and explode it
Rollin' wid gang and we stackin dem figures, until da money counter broken

You cannot catch I'm balling (Yup)
Wake up and swallow a molly (Gulp)
Living my life ain't no frontin' or faking
I'm breaking the bank that's the follow up
Put a cool mil on the clan (Clan)
Bawal clan we be da gang (gang)
Making these moves and we double up
Everytime the money land on my hand (Hand)

Slapping the beat with this heat yah
Money money money speaks yah
I cannot claim to be rich but I'm chasing that cheddar and spreading that cheese yah
I try as much not drink but I would take a swig if you pass it to me yah
You don't want smoke and afraid you might choke I suggest you don't forget to breath yah

Fuck with me
Fuck with me
Not gang related

I got colors with me
If she Cardi B
Maybe she not for Nikki
I got a Bobby sticker
And it's super sticky
The SF on my hat
Look like them orange fishies
I'm at the Thunderdome
And I got water with me
Am I making sense (cents)
I think I'm counting 50
Now let me my do dance
Like she be dancing with me

Do this all day
Don't play hoe
Get the cream
Eyes be glazed
So low low
Got no love for popo
Drop like flies
But you don't know why
Go to sleep
Only options
Ride or die
You twist truth like jays
Ain't true to what you claim
Throw shade but can't catch fade
Bitch moves you do for the fame
Mind dilated, internalizing
Fuck with me get annihilated
Been Wylin and violating
Bawal life yeah we been chosen

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