Bawal Clan - Shleep! Şarkı Sözleri

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Bawal Clan - Shleep! Şarkı Sözleri

Oh you tryna sleep on us we finna wake you up
Neighbors say we loud but we do not give a fuck
Sheesh you really want diss like you pulled up in a truck
This ain't luck this is blood sweat tears up in a cup

Ayo look im kickin toons
Dat all live in my head
Livid in bed
Lucid when she giving me head
Delivered in braille
Something you could possibly feel
Im livin in hell
Developing the better me still
I carry the steel
Unsettled by da way dat we killed
Alotta niggas never make it fo'real, how can i trust in a pill
They finna kill us
So they pockets get filled
I'm finna live it up and rocket excel dikembe blockin' em, bell
Ringin im thinkin i just double excelled, can't wait to see my name on double xl
Work hard to make sure all my family well, entails me to be real
Inhale heavenly smell
Dat heals all'a my cells, i'm thinkinWhat would i do without my partners o'doom
Awaken life in a tomb
Dank leaves, bud in a bloom
Feel dat energy move
High speed thru any room
And im feelin the groove
Eye see thru any bullshittin

Thinkin of my baby girl
I hope she doing well

I'm out here working to make it outta this living hell
Can't wait to see what you've become I know you've grown a lot
You keep me goin betta know I neva eva stop
Until we make it to the top steady maintain
Allah above the energy flow in my main vein!
Yo everytime I'm gettin high it got me cottonmouth
I guess the time ain't meant for talkin bout to walk it out

It go like hit or miss, it's always anger over bliss
Take a blunt to the face and watch me stand up with ease
Put your life in a place with a pace where there is no peace
How do you fight through a storm when demons be crossing the seas
Stay stacking your C's. I stay stacking my G
Let my numbers do the talking, ain't no jacking your steez
You let your guns do the talking, that'll put your life on lease
And I am God in my world so who you reckon to be? Bitcch

Hit the alarm wake up don't try to snooze it
We tossing bombs go long you can't diffuse it
The gang always involved this be that crew shit
Bawal on God on moms this is the movement
The team be ruthless fruits picked fresh up on the table you ain't able clan's the only one to juice this
You can't be clueless who's this acting like you don't but yeah you know don't be that foolish, cool it
The bigger picture's clear there ain't no need to zoom in
No claim to fame but we do aim to be the truest
This ain't no game we talking life that we pursuing
This here's a family thing it's way bigger than music
We tryna eat and floss yo don't forget the toothpick
Don't fuck around the homies man we really do this
Just to maintain I'm meditating like a Buddhist
I can't complain but really damn don't make me lose it

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