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Mossy velvet of the marble grave is my delight
I don't believe that she is dead
(she's waiting for the night)
I know she returned to the woods
To join her wolfish friends
In the ivy grove I see her face,
Those snow-white hands…
Her naked body's robed in ice web,
Spangled with blood,
Blessed by The Necronomicon
She sold her scarlet heart
Frostwork, it slowly writes her name
She's an infinite nightmare
The midnight romance of witches
Is seen through gossamer…

At the crossroads of twilight,
the love is coffined,
truth is striding
upon fields of endless blight
These arrows have sunk deep inside
Reminding the way he used to lay with me,
His bride...

To the forest heart,
To the altar of last wish
That whitest trampled lily
Is buried beyond you

Where were you when it took my hand,
when he ordered me to stand,
stuffed me with sand?!
And now, when all the angels die
Do you have something to remember me by?

From desires to freedom
Come to me my worthless slave,
Not to be my cross,
But to feed my erotic

Aditum nocendi perfido praestat fides

Yield to temptation,
Yield to your weird dreams
You know we can
Fall aye

The kiss hides a bite,
Caress covers embrace of death
Within your feelings
You doomed yourself

From the forest's heart,
Away from the succub's feast
…Dew on this gossamer
is only dew

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