Dead Jesus - Draining Grace Şarkı Sözleri

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Dead Jesus - Draining Grace Şarkı Sözleri

It's been a long day.
Don't push me.
Leave me alone.
I took the cold knife from her lovely
Hands and pierced her heart.
Wounds of disdain slowly deepen
With mechanical rage.
She fell backwards smashing her head
Still quivering as she choked on her last breath.
A pain shot through my body
As I knelt down.
Looking at her beautiful red body
My hands begin to shake,
As Grace lie there draining before me.
I carry her lifeless shell to the backyard.
Start digging the hole.
Six feet under is the way it has to be.
I glance through the window
At the children staring coldly at me.
I shoved her in the ground.
Covered the hole with my mind,
Leveling back to sanity.
As I walk I look, all I see is the
Freshly turned dirt of the past.
I run inside,
Chase the kids up the stairwell.
Grab the boy who shrieking hysterically.
My conscience tossing and turning.
"Maybe the stairs."

Throw him over the 20 ft staircase.
I listen to the thud and the vertebrae crack.
The boy looks up at his dad.
The man I will never be burns inside of me.
The girl runs down the stairs I follow all I hear is
"Why daddy why? Why daddy why?"
Can't explain what caused me to do this.
My large hands wrapped around her tiny neck
Her big blue eyes searching for explanation
But she's too young to understand.
Sitting, hands over my face guilt running through my veins.
It's been a long day.
I carry the lifeless bodies of my children.
They feel like dead weight here on my soul.
I dig like a madman.
Just want to get this
Over with and get the peace,
Get the peace I've long desired.
Reality setting in.
It's been a mind numbing day.
Nightmares of Grace
Draining before me, shrieks and sobbing "Why daddy why?"
Go through my brain.
Sitting in my rocking chair,
Glance through the window, was it worth it?
Turn on the phonograph forever playing
The ungodly tune of remorse.
Every day they grow colder and I grow older, I am alone

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