Dead Jesus - Vampurity Şarkı Sözleri

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Dead Jesus - Vampurity Şarkı Sözleri

As a human I stood... before god and graced him my sword and life.
My blood fell in his name and word.
I learned to destroy without any hesitation, regret.
Left on my own, re-grown, now god bows to me.
Vlad Dracul seizing his throne,
To up-keep his moral code.
Threats from all sides don't seem to faze him,
Just as long as he tortures and impales them.
Slow and painful the way it should be,
So the victim won't die of shock.
A horse attached to each of the victims legs,
A sharpened pole is oiled and slid through the ass
And out through the mouth - Impaled.
In times like these there will be no crime.
20,000 corpses lining the city walls.
20,000 examples should be enough.
You will be 20,001.
Men, women, and children will all be the same.
Cross the line, you will forfeit your life.
He placed a golden cup in the square.
Take a drink from it, but leave it there.
Cheat on your husband, he'll cut off your tits.
Impale you through the cunt an up through your mouth.
Almost utopia or just plain Hell.
Don't fuck with anything or
Vlad will get you.
Nothing too cruel, skinned or boiled alive.
Was it the crime, or personal perversion?
He kept his people free, maybe a little atrocity.

Get down on your knees.
Either you love him or you hate him.
He is the judge and jury.
At the royal banquet with sick and old,
The beggars, they would give him a toast.
When he asked "Would you like to be without cares,
Lacking nothing in this world?"
They said yes.
Burn them.
Nobody made it out alive.
This was the end of their problems and pride.
I did this so no one will be poor in my realm.
A promise is a promise.
I've been locked in the psych-ward with nothing to do.
Impaling small birds and rats, releasing the sweetest
Of memories in my uneasy mind.
I lived before the earth's conception,
Breathed before the world began.
I'll live beyond the echoes of humans,
Squirming to death by my own hand.
I am Vlad.
I will impale you and kill you all.
Am I fair or a monster?
I'm just trying to do the best for all mankind.
Let me do my own thing.
I will set you free,
For I am the son of the Devil.
Legends give birth to a new god.

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